Accessible Across Platforms

Enjoy TheoTown on multiple platforms, where map files seamlessly interchange. Experience the game through the freemium model on Android and iOS, or opt for the complete package at a fixed price on Steam.

Join a Thriving Community

You're never alone in TheoTown's vibrant player community. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share your cities, and seek answers to your questions on our interactive Forum. Join the discussions, exchange ideas, and forge new friendships.

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If you prefer real-time conversations, our Discord server is the perfect platform for you. Engage with thousands of TheoTown players, chat, and dive into engaging discussions. Join the community and experience the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals.

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Expand with Thrilling Plugins

Plugins have become an integral part of the TheoTown experience. With an extensive collection of free plugins, you can massively expand the game's content and unlock new possibilities.

Most plugins are crafted by passionate players like yourself. If you're interested in becoming a plugin creator and leaving your mark on the TheoTown world, you can get started right here:

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